Bologna Players result with their National Football Teams on Friday 6 September 2013

By Anna Italia
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Bologna players having great success with their respective National Football teams during the 2013 FIFA World Cup qualifiers games on Friday 6 September 2013.  Out of the 7 games with Bologna players, 6 resulting in victories.
Krhin playing for Slovenia played for 90 minutes against Albania.

Antonsson playing for Sweden played 90 minutes  against Ireland.

Kone playing for Greece defeating Lichtesein.  Kone played in the first half while Christodoulopoulos played for 84 minutes. Greece 2 - 1 Lichtestein.

The only defeat from Bologna players was Gyorgy Garics' Austria losing to Germany 3-0.  Gyrogy played 78 minutes.

Bologna players called up, but not playing was Alessandro Diamanti, Italy winning 1 - 0 against Bulgaria. Diego Perez called up for Uruguay, but not playing.  Uuruguay defeating Peru for 2-1.

Bologna defender Mikael Antonsson called up for Sweden National Football team

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