Videos and Photos, Official, KAKA returns to AC Milan for 2 seasons until June 30, 2015

By Anna Italia
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It's official, Kaka returning to AC Milan after his Real Madrid season.  Kaka accepted the offer from AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani for 2 seasons at 4 millions for  season plus bonus.  It's almost half less that what Kaka was making with Real Madrid at 10 millions for season.  Confirmation on Monday 2 September 2013.  Kaka has been given an 18 contract ending on 30 June 2015.

Italian Soccer Serie A, hosted by Anna Italia welcome back Kaka to the Serie A!!!   We are ready now to sing famous chant for Kaka:  "Siam venuti fin qua per vedere segnare Kaka! (We have come here to see Kaka scores"  Iam ready!  How about you? 

Challenge is open for Kaka to show his worth at 31-years old and after spending  memorable years with AC Milan from the Summer of 2003 to May 31, 2009 making 193 appearances, scoring 70 goals and the unforgettable goal in the Milan Derby with a headed shot against Inter.

AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani commenting on Kaka's transfer.  ""It was around 2.30 last night when the deal was done. Now I hope Kakà's orphans, the 12,00 or 15,000 fans that stopped coming to the stadium when he left, will come back now that Kakà's returned. He really made a huge effort to come back and has shown real affection for the jersey."
Kaka arriving at the private airport in Madrid to take the flight to Milan to follow the medical tests. Departing from Madrid around 10 and arriving at Linate Airport in Milan at 12:00. (watch video)

Kaka saying, "I am very happy, it has been a long negotiation.  I thank the fans and teammates for their warming messages. I am returning back home!  And now I can still live many joys with Milan."   

Kaka's First declarations after arriving at Linate Airport in Milan

“Four years have passed and now I’m back. It’s been two weeks that I thought if I could come back, a return to Milan would be ideal for me. In the last few days, I’ve been dreaming of hearing the fans sing my name in the San Siro again.
Mario is a great player and I want to do well with him. I hope I can do with him what I used to do with Pippo Inzaghi. I have a lot of desire to play and it’s a very important year for me due to the World Cup, but right now I just want to do well for Milan, my team. I was very sad to leave this team and now it’s great to be back. I’m very happy.”

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This is the photo in AC Milan official website giving the welcome to back. 
Bentornato Kaka

Kaka full of hope to recover his continuity with AC Milan and be instrumental to the team.  Kaka was named FIFA World Players in 2007 while playing for AC Milan. 

Photo courtesy

Kaka arriving at Linate airport from Madrid to join AC Milan again.
Monday 2 September 2013

Kaka showing his AC Milan shirt.... he is back... he is ready to score......

Here is the video with KAKA saying that he wanted to leave Real Madrid looking for more continuity.

Video, los detalles de la Salida de Kaka del Real Madrid para su transfer al AC Milan / Details on Kaka's exit from Real Madrid to join AC Milan

Video Kaka giving declarations before departing from Madrid to Milan.....

Video, Kaka arriving to Linate Airport in Milan., Monday 2 September 2013

Photos from KAKA arriving at AC Milan headquartes on Via Turati.
Monday 2 September 2013

Thumbs up, Kaka is back with the team he loves and the fans who have not stopped loving him.  

Kaka throwing his jersey to a lucky fan

Fans outside Via Turati acclaiming Kaka to give him the "welcome back"

Video, welcome back Kaka.....

Video, "Siam Venuti fin qua per vedere segnare Kaka, oh oh oh oh"

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