Result AC MILAN 3 - 0 NAPOLI Goals by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Kevin Prince Boateng, and Pato Monday February 28 2011 - Italy Serie A Week 27

By Anna Italia
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                     59% Ball Possession AC MILAN and 41% Ball Possession NAPOLI
                AC Milan 3 - 0 Napoli  
                      50' Zlatan Ibrahimovic
                      77' Kevin Prince Boateng
                      80' Alexandre Pato

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San Siro Stadium
Serie A Standing: AC Milan    1st  position, 55 points
                                Napoli  3rd position, 52 points 


Here is the direct encounter for the Scudetto. Yep, Milan taking the lead with 55 points, but Napoli following closely with 52 points.  It means Napoli will need a victory to be on equal terms with Milan.  However, unless there is a super goleada, in case of Milan losing they will keep the leadership.  Goal difference in favor for Milan with 26 while Napoli with 19.   Simply put,  risking the most here is AC Milan as the gap now with Inter are only of -2 points  A defeat for Milan will be maybe the beginning of the "good bye Scudetto?" 

Anyway, a major blow for Napoli after being eliminated from the UEFA Europa League on Thursday by Villareal.  Our bad luck with forward Giuseppe Rossi scoring the winning goal for Villareal.  Napoli coach Mazzarri will need more than a physical training for the players, a psychological training to change quick this defeated mood from the Europa League. 

You bet Napoli will try to avenge their defeat at the San Paolo when Milan defeated them in Week 8 on October 24, 2010 Napoli 1 - 2 AC Milan .with Zlatan Ibrahimovic delivering the winning goal in the 71st minute.

General stats in favor of AC Milan.  In the 17 official games between AC Milan - Napoli in San Siro, the rossoneri commanding:
9 victories AC Milan
8 draws

Top scorer for AC Milan is forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic with 13 goals while top scorer for Napoli is forward Edinson Cavani with 20 goals and also top scorer of the Serie A.  As for assist, Ibrahimovic having 11 while Lavezzi has 8.

Last time Napoli defeated Milan in San Siro was back on April 13 1986 ending AC Milan 1 - 2 Napoli with goals by Diego Armando Maradona and Giordano... now it is up to  Edison Cavani to repeat the miracle.  Will he?  Just too bad for Napoli that forward Ezequiel Lavezzi is suspended for this game and 5 players with one yellow card: Yebda, Santacroce, Edinson Cavani, Christian Maggio and Dossena.

Milan have no suspended players only 2 players with one yellow card: Andra Pirlo and Daniele Bonera.

Stats from Referee Rocchi with AC Milan refereeing 16 games with a balance of 7 win, 1 draw, and 8 lost.
Rocchi with Napoli refereeing 11 games with a balance of 5 win, 3 draw, and 3 lost. 

Here is the official formation from AC MILAN  by coach Massimiliano Allegri:

AC MILAN (4-3-1-2):   Christian Abbiati, Ignazio Abate, Alessandro Nesta, Thiago Silva, Marek Jankulovski, Gennaro Gattuso, Mark Van Bommel,  Mathieu Flamini, Robinho, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alexandre Pato.

Allegri preferred to start with Flamini instead of Boateng and for Luca Antonini injured the option is Jankulovski

Here is the official formation from NAPOLI by coach Walter Mazzarri:

NAPOLI (3-4-2-1):
  Morgan De Sanctis, Hugo Campagnaro, Paolo Cannavaro,  Salvatore Aronica, Christian Maggio, Michele Pazienza, Walter Gargano, Dossena, Giuseppe Mascara, Marek Hamsik, Edison Cavani.

Players warming up and we are set for a super battle!!!!!!!     All the best to AC Milan and Napoli fans.. root for your teams..

Photo AP

Barbara Berlusconi waving  and encouraging Milan  players before the match.  Barbara is the daughter of Italy Prime Minister and AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi.  Watching the game from the tribune along Milan VP Adriano Galliani

Awesome, spectacular!!! I have goosebumps watching the choreography at San Siro with AC Milan fans outpouring their support for the team while making their entrance....

Close up from the teams. group photo.  wow, awesome guys... this is it... Referee Gianluca Rocchi whistles the beginning of the match...... let's roll the ball..

AC Milan immediately pressing..   wow.. hellooooo  my heart beating so fast watching Ibrahimovic versus Cavaniiii geeeee    who will score first???????  

In the 2nd minute AC Milan defender Marek Jankulovski commits a foul on Napoli midfielder Christian Maggio..

In the 4th minute hello hello there is a long range shot from Zlatan Ibrahimovic towards Pato but he is caught offside...

Oops..  Watch out Gattuso!!!! In the 5th minute Gennaro Gattuso commits a foul on Napoli forward Edinson Cavani bringing him down free kick ...

 Robinho to Pato and Gargano clearing danger.. Napoli counterattack.   

Hellooooo in the 6th minute a foul by AC Milan midfielder Mark Van Bommel on Christian Maggio bringing him down.. can hear Milan fans with the "cori da stadio" la la la la.

In the 7th mintue it is Edinson Cavani getting an assist from Hugo Campagnaroooo though his left footed shot missing the target..

In the 9th minute a headed pass from defender Ignazio Abatge  .. there you go Ibrahimovic so close to the goal from the right side of the box. though the final right footed shot ending way too high.. he can't believe it. and neither Coach Allegri  now appearing in closeup giving instructions to the players

In the 15th minute  Salvatore Aronica  with a long range shot to Edinson Cavani and he is caught offside..

Hello hello helooo in the 18th minute Napoli defender Paolo Cannavaro bringing down Ibrahimovic but no cards.. Milan fans protesting.   free kick for Milan
Milan pressing and getting  chances to score.. Napoli defense clearing well....

Napoli coach Mazzarri shouting to encourage his players to move forward.....  Milan fans  shouting louder for the rossoneri with the oh oh oh oh oh oh  "diavolo vinci per noi"  la la la la

Both teams making their attempts to score.. Ibrahimovic, then Cavani.. and Cavani then Ibrahimovic... we  are going back and forth...

Photo Reuters

A duel to control the ball with AC Milan forward Robinho challenging Napoli midfielder Christian Maggio while Paolo Cannavaro also following the action... .

In the 25th minute Walter Gargano with an assist to  Marek Hamsik missing his target.... Spiky boy looking to win this game as he declared before the game it is an important for him just like when his Slovakia team played against Italy.... wonder if he will score???

In the 27th minute a right footed shot by Marek Jankulvoski

In the 31st minute Robinho to Ibrahimovic and his shot  cleared by Christian Maggio....

Mamma miaaaaaa hellooooooooo  in the 33rd minute Mark Van Bommel  right footed shot   and saved by the foot from defender Salvatore Aronica close range

Photo Getty Images

AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic battling courageously  for the rossoneri

 In the 34th minute, Robinho with a fast run cleared by Napoli, deflection ... the ball  on the way for Marek Jankulvoski running to deliver a right footed shot but goes over the bar... too high..  close up from Mazzarri with gestures of cool down???   

We are in the 38th minute still 0-0.....

 Robinho to Ibrahimovic... Flamini.....  Mascara reaching the ball first than Abate...  Gattuso recovers than to Abate... to Robinho... and the whole enchilada ruined.... missing final action... on the right byline... oh well.. chances coming and  somewhere the goal is  getting ready to arrive...
Close up from Allegri...  talking with fourth official Tagliavento as to finding out what is going on...

Pressing from Milan and Napoli  suffering in these minutes....

In the 40th minute there you go again Pato with a left footed shot coming fro the left side and his shot blocked..

Photo Reuters

ooopsss  Milan players protesting....  and there you go  in the 43rd minute Referee Rocchi giving a yellow card to Pato for  taking the ball away from Aronica after reacting to a push from Aronica as seen on the replay ..

Guys, Milan dominating but the goal is not coming...

Referee Rocchi whistles the end of the first half ending 64% ball possession AC Milan and 36% ball possession Napoli

Well, AC Milan and Napoli will have to do something, rearrange their strategies to unlock this goalless draw

Ok, we are back for the second half without substitutions.....  let's roll the ball......
In the 47th inute Referee Rocchi gives a penalty  to Milan for a handball by Aronica  and also getting a yellow card.. so replay showing the hand and despite protests.... its a penalty for the handball trying to clear Pato....
Taking the penalty spot is forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic.... wow wow owww don't know if I want to see this.... oh wellll let me open my eyes wide...  Ibrahimovic with a serious look, concentrating as telling the ball "don't betray me" then... bammm a right footed shot defeating Napoli goalkeeper in the bottom left corner  and there is the goalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll  Ibrahimovic opening his arms wide open to celebrate and Milan fans in San Siro  celebrating......... Ibrahimovic   did not score 525 minutes and now...his 14th goal of the season
AC Milan 1 - 0 Napoli

Photo AP

The moment of AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic converting the penalty.....

Photo AP

AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrating after converting the penalty against Napoli... open arms as wanting to embrace all the fans in San Siro

Oopsssss oh my gosh.. guys in the 54th minute an assist by Gennaro Gattuso  ...there is Pato with a right footed shot  from outside the area closer to score forcing Napoli goalkeeper De Sanctis to a super stretch to save with one hand and corner for Milan.... Robinho asking the fans for support and takes the corner.. oh well.. nothing happening.....

Photo AP

Napoli forward Giuseppe Mascara and AC Milan midfielder Merkel

Say what???? hum? is it Super De Sanctis?  It looks he is becoming Super man.. De Sanctis again with a stretched dive to deny Robinho another chance to score in the 60th minute......  Pato can't believe his luck either!!!!!

Warming up are Antonio Cassano and Kevin Prince Boateng....

AC Milan making a substitution in the 63rd minute.
Robinho out, Kevin Prince Boateng in.
Robinho leaving the pitch among applause while he applauds back to the fans...

Oops, no way. come on. guys, Napoli forward Giuseppe Mascara looking hurt.. and yeah.. Mascara cannot continue...   a forced substitution for Napoli in the 64th minute with Juan Zuniga.

In the 77th minute goooaallllll and what a goalllll   guys, Kevin Prince Boateng with a left footed shot coming from the center of the box  to smack the ball in the high center after the assist by Pato and party time..  Boateng celebrating and removing his jersey while Ibrahimovic runs to congratulate Boateng too.. San Siro  chanting now for the team and the party is on....
 AC Milan 2 - 0 Napoli

Photo Getty Images

AC Milan midfielder Kevin Prince Boateng celebrating after scoring the second goal of the match while removing his jersey and getting a yellow card for excessive celebration.

Photo AP

Napoli not finding their way to the goal....  still waiting to see El Matador Edison Cavani in action.... will he score?  What can Mazzarri do to wake up Napoli?  Allegri must be happy with the way Milan are playing.

Say what???? in the 81st minute oh madonnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa have you see that goal worth of an "OSCAR AWARD" by Pato??? mamma miaaaaa guys a super cowabunga rocambolescooooooo goalll Pato on counterattack while leaving 2 defenders behind and making his way to deliver  a right footed shot from outside the area defeating Napoli goalkeeper in the top corner after a pass from Mark Van Bommel 
 AC Milan 3 - 0 Napoli

Photo Reuters

AC Milan forward Alexandre Pato celebrating after scoring against Napoli in San Siro. and what a goal!!!!!!

San Siro exploding of joy and gosh.. I am jumping all over the place crying seeing la mia squadra del cuore winning in a good way and just awesome to see Pato back to score........ sorry for Napoli this time .... oh well...  Cavani still not showing signs for the goal....  

Photo AP

Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri shouting instructions to his players.....
Ok, by now, let me bring the cheerleaders for this well deserved victory from AC Milan.... especially for the goal from Patoooooo ah smacking oneeeeee bring the cheerleaderssssssssssssssssssssssssss   fans singing the "chi non salta nero azzurro e' e'...."  rocking timeeeeeee

In the 82nd minute Milan with a substitution
Ignazio Abate out, Massimo Oddo in

No Cavani yet ...  still waiting to see El Matador.....  goals not arriving

Napoli with a substitution in the 84th minute coach Walter Mazzarri  trying whatever needed to revert this result...  though 6 more minutes...  
Walter Gargano out, Yebda in 

Four minutes added time.....

In the 90th minute Ibrahimovic closer to smack another goal with a right footed shot thou missing... assist by Oddo.

Referee Rocchi whistles the end of the game and AC Milan with a reassuring victory towards the Scudetto...59% Ball Possession AC MILAN and 41% Ball Possession NAPOLI

Click the video to watch the highlights of the Italian Serie A Week 27 match AC MILAN vs NAPOLI on Monday February 28, 2011 in San Siro

Serie A Tickets2010 - 2011 Italian Serie A Week 27 - Twenty-seventh  Round

AC Milan - Napoli
Monday February 28 2011
Luigi Ferraris Stadium
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi  
Assistants: Maggiani and Di Liberatore  
Fourth Official:  Paolo Tagliavento

Attendance: 77,276

Scorers: 50' Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 77' Kevin Prince Boateng, 80' Alexandre Pato


AC MILAN (4-3-1-2):   Christian Abbiati, Ignazio Abate, Alessandro Nesta, Thiago Silva, Marek Jankulovski, Gennaro Gattuso, Mark Van Bommel,  Mathieu Flamini, Robinho, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alexandre Pato.

:  Antonio Cassano, Clarence Seedorf, Merkel, Oddo, Kevin Prince Boateng, Marco Amelia, Mario Yepes

Coach:  Massimiliano Allegri

NAPOLI (3-4-2-1):  Morgan De Sanctis, Hugo Campagnaro, Paolo Cannavaro,  Salvatore Aronica, Christian Maggio, Michele Pazienza, Walter Gargano, Dossena, Giuseppe Mascara, Marek Hamsik, Edison Cavani.

Substitutes:  Iezzo, Santacroce, Zuniga, Cribari, Ruiz, Yebda, Sosa, Lucarelli

Match Stats

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What do you think of the results? Which players surprised you or disappointed you and why?

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