Milan Sole Leader After 4 Years, Ancelotti Deserves this Leadership, Secrets of the Reborn Juventus, Mourinho Forgives Julio Cruz not Adriano, Roma fans Contest Team and Spalletti, Lazio - Palermo - Cagliari OK, Catania - Bologna - Torino KO Bologna sacks

By Anna Italia

Good morning, buon giorno.

Oh what a beautiful day everything looks Red and Black. Here I am ready with my proud "Milan heart" for our "Coffee Morning Newsreading." I am having my Cappuccino, strawberry-banana yogurt, and orange juice to read the news of the day starting with Milan's victory.

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So many news and many changes after the Serie A Week 10. The possible sacking of Bologna  coach Daniele Arrigoni and hiring of former Lazio player Mihajlovic as the new coach.

How are you? Are you ready with your coffee, tea, juice or snack?

Let's read the news from the front page of Italy's sports newspaper "Il Corriere dello Sport" from this morning  Monday, November 3,  2008. 

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Headline says, "Milan Rules. First in the Table after 4 years: A great Napoli with 10 defeated in the end. Ronaldinho decides (Denis, fatal deflection). Kaka missed a penalty."

 Anna Italia Opinion -  Finally, after much suffering and being in the beginning of the season even in the relegation area, the resurrection of Milan Champions!

AC Milan 1 - 0 Napoli

I agree with the headlines that "Milan rules!"  Milan who have been suffering since their elimination of the Champions League last season, precisely when losing against Napoli at the San Paolo Stadium, avenged themselves yesterday with a helping hand from Napoli forward German Denis.

Milan after 4 years and a half since May 16, 2004 are leading the Serie A standing alone, sole leaders with 22 points followed by Udinese and Inter with 21 points each. 

Point guys, and let's be honest, Napoli fought with their heart as well as Milan.  Difference that Napoli who remained with 10 players during the entire second half when Napoli midfielder was sent off in the 44th minute for a second yellow card. Napoli resisted the constant attack from the rossoneri until the end... the glorious and fatal moment.

Glorious for Milan fans when Ronaldinho scored in the 86th minute but fatal when the goal was a result of the deflection from Napoli forward German Denis in the 86th minute.

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A dramatic end when Kaka missed the penalty because Napoli goalkeeper stopped the penalty in the 85th minute! 

Of course, the defeat was not well taken by Napoli President De Laurentis who criticized Milan as "cattivo e nervoso," meaning nervous and bad. Though, AC Milan Coach Carlo Ancelotti replies to De Laurentis saying he is totally wrong and using the wrong adjectives.  Guys, I agree too.  Milan did show nervousness but not being "cattivo /bad intentions."  Milan everywhere they go gets praise for their good behavior in and outside the pitch.  This is even recognized by FIFA and the UFA always complimenting Milan's sportsmanship.

De Laurentis said Milan nervous?  How about Napoli nervous?  In the end it was Napoli making mistakes and losing a player for double yellow cards... so what was De Laurentis saying?

Point is that it was a tough match and whoever lost is surely sad.  This is why I understand the frustration of Napoli forward Ezequiel Lavezzi who said they deserved at least a draw. Yet, I also agree with Milan's victory and celebrating this special moment.  My question is whether Milan will be able to keep the sole leadership next week too.  Milan cannot let go this leadership.  Next match of Milan is against Lecce at the Via del Mare Stadium on November 9.

AC MILAN - Coach Carlo Ancelotti

Headline says, "Ancelotti deserves this leadership." 

Anna Italia Opinion  - I totally agree with the headline and applaud the courage of Ancelotti who was almost crucified when Milan was visiting the relegation area.  Pressure was intense and Ancelotti who has given so much for Milan.  A coach having top players but injured and making miracles to form a team with available players deserves recognition.  Ancelotti did not give up and every time Milan lost or draw, there he was in front of a camera to stand by the team and defending his players.

Like Ancelotti said, who would have said that after our first two matches, we would have become the leaders. Milan lost the first match against Bologna and the second against Genoa.  When Ancelotti was asked about Inter, he just replied that Milan worries only about winning their matches and having a team with fit plaeyrs is the most important thing. 


Headline says, "Inter, Mourinho forgives Julio Cruz but not Adriano."

Anna Italia Opinion - Oh well guys, now I am intrigued with this "forgiven attitue" from Mourinho towards Victor Obinna, Mario Balotelli and Julio Cruz while not forgiving Adriano. 

Point is that Mourinho was furious when Adriano dared to arrived late for the second time late to a training.  This happened last Monday when on Sunday Adriano went out to a Discotheque until 4:30 a.m.  So, Mourinho sent him home.  Before this episode in the match against Genoa Mourinho publicly criticized his team, but especially Obinna, Cruz, and Balotelli for not playing like he asked them to play.  So, will this unforgiven attitude towards Adriano means "good bye Adriano.?"

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FC Juventus

Headline says, "here are the secrets of Juventus rebirth."

The most important secret for the rebirth of Juve was recovering their injured players and the constant leadership from Captain Alessandro Del Piero. This is where I think Juventus has seen the light for their rebirth and not giving up.

Plus, guys, forward Amauri is the other lethal weapons for Juve.  Too bad he could not score against Roma.

The article is about Roma fans contesting the team after their fourth consecutive defeat, this time against Juventus.

FC Juventus 2 - 0 AS Roma

I understand the frustration of fans.  Though, I don't blame totally coach Luciano Spalletti.  Though he has some responsibility too. For example, why not being firm against Totti who rushed his recovery to play in the Supercoppa Italia against Inter? Not only he could not helped his team but missing a penalty, then stopping for injury again.  The cycle of Totti injuring, healing, injury, healing is already enough. 

Spalletti should have told Totti to follow his treatment and fully recover before using him again.  At the end, Roma paid the consequences of this Totti's dependency more than on the pitch, on the team psychological factor not having the captain. 

Where I don't blame Spalletti is with injured players and like Ancelotti, doing miracles with available players.   So, Roma now must rearrange themselves and start thinking on "salvation" instead of "keeping the race for the scudetto."


I dont' agree with the headline saying that "LAZIO  is rocking, flying."  Lazio is losing terrain fast.  Just few weeks ago Lazio was the leader of the Serie A, now they are in the 5th position with 19 points.  So, that for me is not "flying" but going down. Don't you thnk?

Lazio 1 -  0 Catania

Lazio barely beat Catania.


Here I agree on Cagliari winning with a great margin. Hello, Cagliari beat Bologna 5-1.  Now, Cagliari is in the 14th position with 10 points.  Good thing from this match was the consistenty of Cagliari forward Robert Aquafresca scoring een a brace as well as Jeda.  Sad thing... the possible sacking of Bologna coach Daniele Arrigoni.

Bologna players were contested at the airport by fans /ultras with harsh words. Fans were so disappointed that followed the team all the way to the pullman questioning their commitment for Bolgona. Saying "vergognatevi," go to work, and so on.


Palermo  3 - 0 Chievo

Here is another deserved victory. Palermo did not even sweat to beat Chievo.  Of course, I agree with the article that Palermo coach Davide Ballardini must be smiling after this victory not like the other defeats or suffered victories.  It was about time for Ballardini and players to have some good moments, especially winning at home in front of their fans. Don't you think?   The one crying and facing a possible sacking is Chievo Coach!  Well done for Palermo.


A suffered victory from Sampdoria but now moving away the relegation zone.  Sampdoria has still a pending match against Roma when the match was suspended on Saturday for rain.

Sampdoria 1  - 0 Torino

Click here for complete results of the Serie A  Week 10 -

2008 - 2009 Italian Serie A Week 10 - Tenth Round, Saturday, November 1 and Sunday, November 2, 2008

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  • Which news surprised you and why or which news were you expecting in the front page and why?

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