Latest Italian Serie A Transfers Market News

By Anna Italia

UPDATED: April 25

Who will get the biggest soccer players transfer?   Time is running by for players and teams for signing the best deal.

Latest transfers in the Italian Soccer Serie A include:

ADRIANO, still unstable after getting permission from FC INTER to go to Santos on loan, is now rumored to return to FIORENTINA??????  I think ADRIANO needs to overcome his personal problems first or he will just be like a "balloon" going wherever the air blows.

Arsenal midfielder Matthieu FLAMINI, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport,  rejected Juventus to sign for Milan.  Well, I think this signing will be A BIG HELP for Milan.  Flamini is only 24 years old and that's what Milan needs right now.  Younger players. If we look at Milan's defense and midfield mostly they are over 30 years old!!!  Rejuvenating the team is the best way to go for Milan to return to "old glory." 

Arsenal midfielder Alexander Hleb,  is the other "new comer to Italian soccer."  This is nuts but Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger in La Gazzetta dello Sport, blames Inter for talking to his players without permission.  It's crazy because Inter coach Roberto Mancini, who said that he likes Hleb, denies approaching the player without permission.

JOSE MOURINHO, who knows whether Mourinho will really come to Italy? Rumors about Mourinho replacing Milan Coach Carlo Ancelotti or Inter coach Roberto Mancini are just about everywhere. 

Inter President Massimo Moratti denied the news published on the British daily "THE SUN," about Mourinho coming to replace Mancini.  Moratti declared this on April 22 during an interview with Telelombardia.  

Milan delegate Adriano Galliani also denied that Mourinho was replacing Ancelotti.  Mourinho has his "temper" but he was nice with me.  He is a good coach "the special one" but honestly... I rather see him back to Chelsea.

So... where is Mourinho going?????  Do you want Mourinho training an Italian team??

Ronaldinho going to MILAN or INTER.   Problem is that first RONNIE said that he wanted to come to AC MILAN, now as per declarations of Milan delegate Adriano Galliani negotiations are not clear yet

It seems that not only Milan wants Ronaldinho but also Inter and other teams.   

Main problem is that Barcelona is asking too much money.  as reported by the Spanish newspaper Marca. Though, the brother of Ronaldinho, Roberto De Assis, is more close to do the deal with Milan than Inter.

Honestly, I think if Barcelona asks unrealistic money, then, why not  bringing back Marco Borriello to Milan.  The guy is not only fit but also the top scorer in the Serie A with 19 goals.  Inter President Massimo Moratti is not willing to pay unrealistic demands from Barcelona.  Though, they would love to have RONALDINHO.  At the end, maybe RONALDINHO stay with Barca. Who knows!

The case of Ronaldinho is a total mystery because some Milan players, like Seedorf, think that Ronaldinho is not what Milan needs right now.  President Silvio Berlusconi also keeps giving mixed "wishful thinking" about Ronaldinho.  In October Berlusconi declared to the Spanish newspaper MARCA that "Ronaldinho was not compatible with kaka and Pato.  I'm wondering why he changed his mind.....

On April 11,  Eurosport reported the possible transfer from Sheva, Flamini and Ronaldinho to AC Milan.

Andriy Schevchenko.  Here is a similar situation with Ronaldinho.  Nothing is sure. President Berlusconi,  who is the godfather of Sheva's son, has expressed his desire to bring back Sheva to Milan.  Yet, Galliani evaded the question when asked yesterday.

AMAURI. Palermo striker Amauri is connected to Juventus.  Most likely, Amauri will be a bianconero next season.

 Amauri also is applying for his Italian passport and hinting that he want to play for Italy just like Argentinian Mauro Camoranesi  adopted the Italian citizenship and plays for the Nazionale. Amauri has scored 13 goals up to the Serie A Week 34.

Robert Acquafresca. Cagliari striker Acquafresca has impressed the Rossoneri who are working with Cagliari to bring Acquafresca to Milan.  Acquafresca has scored 9 goals up to the Serie A Week 34.

Ironically, Inter exchanged Acquafresca to have former Cagliari striker David Suazo.

Question is whether Inter will let go Acquafresca completely. Well, I think Inter has already enough good strikers. Though, the honeymoon with striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic seems to have finished.

Marco Borriello, Genoa striker Borriello, who belongs to Milan, has also awaken the interest of Inter President Massimo Moratti. 

Point is that Genoa is asking 10 millions of euro for Borriello. It will be MILAN's biggest mistake to let Borriello go to INTER!  Excuse me, but Borriello is the top scorer right now with 19 goals!  Besides, Borriello has been consistent.  Milan  has already the young strikers Pato and Paloschi, but needs another FIT striker.  Inzaghi is over 30 years old, Ronaldo not sure on whether he will continue playing, and Gilardino not consistent enough.

You might think I'm crazy but if it comes to choose for Ronaldinho or Borriello, I will take Borriello because  he already plays and know the Italian style and doesn't have a "BIG EGO" to disrupt the dressing room. If it is for marketing purpose, then, go ahead and take Ronaldinho.  God forbids that I talk bad about Ronaldo "il fenomeno"  because I'm a great admirer of his career, but he was more a marketing deal for Milan than getting a fit striker.  Might happen the same with Ronaldinho who seems  to have lately many physical problems.

Marco Storari.  Cagliari goalkeeper Storari, who belongs to Milan, might see his future in Cagliari after Cagliari President Cellino and Milan Delegate Adriano Galliani  seem to do a negotiation.

Milan wants to have striker  Acquafresca while Milan concedes storari for Cagliari on a permanent basis.  It's said that  Milan might give two millions euro for Acquafresca.

Konko - Genoa might go to Inter after Marco Branca met with the people from Genoa.

Other possible transfers include Didier Drogba who is not happy with Chelsea and might come to Italy.  Two teams who can afford Drogba right now are Milan and Inter.

Rebel boy Sampdoria striker Antonio Cassano still not sure on whether Real Madrid will want him back or if they will concede his pass permanently to Sampdoria.


Who do you think will SIGN the best soccer players for the Serie A?  Which players will really transfer to the "rumored teams?"

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  • 4/22/2008 12:39 PM Milan99 wrote:
    If Ronaldinho go to Inter I will die!!!! NO WHERE BUT MILAN!!!!!!
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  • 4/22/2008 12:42 PM Pietro wrote:
    Totally girl! Rather than seeing Ronaldinho in Inter, might as well be with the Brazilian community in Milan!

    What's your take interisti?
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  • 4/22/2008 2:15 PM Mark wrote:
    Even if you don't believe it, but as an Inter fan I don't think Ronaldinho will fit in our plans. Not sure if Hilda agrees with me.

    I prefer Borriello in Inter, Milan did not appreciate his talent before.

    What do you think?
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  • 4/22/2008 5:04 PM Hilda wrote:
    Mark, I, too, don't think Ronaldinho will fit into Inter, he is a bit past his prime form. There is also some debate as how he and Ibra would co-exist.
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  • 4/22/2008 7:55 PM Anna Italia wrote:

    I agre with all of you. That's why I think that Ronaldinho better stays with Barca. Ronaldinho  won't fit easily neither in Milan nor in Inter.

    There will be much chaos in the dressing room dealing with "big marketing egos".

    This is why I don't understand Berlusconi who first said that Ronaldinho was not compatible with Kaka and Pato... now, he wants to sign Ronaldinho?????  Why not bringing back Marco Borriello??????

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  • 4/23/2008 12:07 PM Milan99 wrote:
    Anna you are right but Ronnie have to move because he is not ok at Barca I believe he will do better at another club, he need change!
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  • 4/24/2008 5:25 AM Anna Italia wrote:
    Milan99, that will be fine if Ronaldinho move... but, honestly, I don't think he will fit in Milan. This is what gets me mad about Berlusconi. First, he declared Ronaldinho not fit to play with Kaka and Pato, then, wanting to bring him????

    Ronaldinho is a good player. Though, whenever he goes to the BRAZILIAN team not making a big difference.

    If you ask me to choose between Ronaldinho and SHEVA, then, without hesitation I will go for SHEVA.

    However, I rather have a younger and fit striker like Marco Borriello. How about you?
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  • 4/25/2008 4:39 PM Pietro wrote:
    Ronaldinho is becoming a problem before a big team can sign him. Don't you think he is overrated? What's your take?
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