RESULTS Italian Serie A Week 32 - PALERMO 3 - 2 FC JUVENTUS Goals by Amauri, Alessandro Del Piero and Mattia Cassani delivering the winning goal for Palermo "Juve 10 points difference with Roma"

By Anna Italia

     Juventus LOST despite  having 67% ball possession compared to Palermo 33%
          plus Juventus having 10 corner kicks in contrast to Palermo 3 corners!

                       PALERMO 3  - 2  FC JUVENTUS
                                                11' Amauri
                    52' Alessandro Del Piero
                                       45' Amauri                 71' Alessandro Del Piero
                                       89' M. Cassani

Substitutions: 23' Roberto Guana out, Giovanni Tedesco in   23' Pavel Nedved out, V. Iaquienta in
                     62' Simplicio out, Bresciano in                      46' Antonio Nocerino out, Tiago in
                    81' Bosko Jankovic out, Cristian Zaccardo in    46' Zdenek Grygera out, Hasan Salihamidzic in

What to tell you about this match????

It was full of drama, suspense, joy, nervousness, anxiety, you name it!!!!!

Apparently, Juventus was the favorite to win the match.  However, my friends, in football nothing should be taken by granted.  Just in the 11th minute a big surprise for Juventus with Palermo striker Amauri.
The Sicilian movie script started practically in the 8th minute when Palermo defender Andrea Barzagli commits a foul and Referee Emidio Morganti shows him the yellow card.  Two minutes later, Federico Balzaretti who earlier declared to be happy to meet his ex teammates from Juventus is found offside.  Now, here is where the "whole drama" unraveled. 
In the 11th minute, a shocking surprise to JUVENTUS!  Striker Amauri, who supposedly is going to Juventus or Milan next season, beats Juve defender Nicola Legrotagglie and shoots from outside the box to the very top right corner blasting Juventus Saint Goalkeeper GIGI BUFFON.  Geee!  This time he was no saint.  Hey, guys, Palermo fans at the Renzo Barbera stadium exploded!!!  I could not believe it either!
Palermo 1 - 0 FC Juventus

In the 20th minute, a huge clash between the heads of Juve midfielder Pavel Nedved and Palermo midfielder  Roberto Guana delaying the match to get medical treatment.  Gee.... neither of them could continue and went directly to the hospital for proper treatment
It was like a sudden hurricane blasting every strategy of la Vecchia Signora.  Imagine, in the 23rd minute, Juve Coach Claudio Ranieri is forced to make his first substitution when midfielder Pavel Nedved could not continue for injury.  So, there you go, it was the chance for striker Vincenzo Iaquienta to replace Nedved.At the same time, Palermo Coach Stefano Colantuono also is forced to make his first substitution because Roberto Guana crashed with Nedved and both needed urgent attention. So, in the 23rd minure, both coaches had to adjust their stragies.  For Palermo it was the time for Giovanni Tedesco to replace Guana.

Just when the first half was ending, a loud alarm sound for Juventus to wake up and smell the coffee.
Referee Emidio Morganti signals 5 minutes stoppage time for the time spent during the Nedved/Guana clash.

In the 47th minute, Juve defender Nicola Legrottaglie sends an assist to Vincenzo Iaquinta who shoots from outside the box only to be saved!  Immediately, ALARM... Tiago is injured and blood is coming out of his forehead. Tiago and Giulio Migliaccio injured themselves.  So the match extended all the way to the 50th minute.
Just here, precisely before Refere Emidio Morganti whistles the end of the match. AMAURI decides to send Juventus with  a big headache!   In the 50th minute, Fabio Caserta sends a cross to Amauri who heads the ball from the center of the box to the very top right corner blasting again Juventus Saint goalkeeper GIGI BUFFON!!!!   Oh my gosh!!!!  It was a total joy for Palermo fans but for Juve a terrible headache!   Imaging going to the second half losing by two goals!!! 
Palermo 2 - 0 FC Juventus

Some ray of hope showed up in the somber stadium for Juventus!  In the 52nd minute, after Mohamed Sissoko shot to the net was superbly saved but could not keep the ball.  Immediately, great Juventus Captain sees his chance when getting the assist from SissokoDel Piero "inspired by his fervent devotion to Juventus," shoots from the left side fo the box to the bottom left corner blasting Palermo goalkeeper Alberto Fontana! 
Palermo 2 - 1 FC Juventus


In the 65th minute, Juve midfielder missed a chance to equalize the match!

Juventus was practically bombarding Palermo in the second half but Goalkeeper Fontana was there to block Juventus. 

In teh 69th minute, Tiago shoots from outside the box and misses the target sending the ball to the left!

In the 71st minute, again, Mohamed Sissoko proving to be a team player sends a cross to striker David Trezeguet who heads form the center of the box to the bottom left corner and for his bad luck Goalkeeper Fontana saves!  The problem with Fontana was that he could not hold the ball again... Alessandro Del Piero was there and shoots from an angle blasting  goalkeeper FONTANA!!!!
Palemro 2 - 2 FC Juventus

David Trezeguet keeps trying and trying to blast goalkeeper Fontana but he had no luck. 

In the 80th minute,  Del Piero shoots and hit the post, but he gets a free kick.   Then, Trezeguet shoots form the center of the box to the top center and IS SAVED!!!!! Amazing.... Lady Luck was not with Trezeguet.

It seems the final result was going to be a draw until Palermo defender Mattias Cassani said NO despite Juventus having the best part of the second half.

In the 88th minute,  Amauri wins a free kick after a foul committed by Juve midfielder Mauro Camoranesi. Right after, in the 89th minute, a mistake by Sissoko trying to head away the ball to clear danger  only to find Mattias Cassani  to shoot to the top let corner of the net blasting Saint Goalkeeper Gigi Buffon.  My friends, here, nothing could be done but Palermo had Lady Luck on their side.
Palermo 3 - 2 FC Juventus

I don't think BUFFON will be happy with this result.  Is not a classic match where the best goalkeeper can take 3 goals!!!!  Time for Coach Ranieri to do some adjustments in the defense.  Don't you think?

Finally, Palermo coach Stefano Colantuono redeemed himself in front of Palermo fans and President Zamparini after he was sacked when losing at the Olimpico with 5 goals in Week 13.  This is a  memorable day for Colantuono but a bad day for Juventus who now must prepare to play against Milan next week.  Another defeat for La Vecchia Signora will danger their Third Position in the Serie A.

Week 32 Italian Serie A Tim 2007 - 2008  
Thirty Second  Round
Matchday 32

 Renzo Barbera Stadium
Sunday, April 6 2008

Referee: Emidio Morganti (Ascoli Piceno);
  Massimiliano Grilli  and  Massimiliano Rosi (Gubbio)
Fourth Official: Michele Cavarretta (Trapani)

Italian Soccer Serie A
Commentary by Anna Italia

Goals   2
Shots (on Goal)  24(7)
Fouls 19
Corner Kicks 10
Offsides 4
33% Ball  Possession 67%
Yellow Cards 2
Red Cards 0
Saves 1


Goalkeeper: Alberto Fontana;
Defenders: Mattia Cassani, Rinaudo, Andrea Barzagli, Balzaretti;
Midfielder: Roberto Guana (Giovanni Tedesco 23), Migliaccio; Bosko Jankovic (Zaccardo 81), Simplicio (Bresciano 62), Caserta;
Forwards: Amauri

Coach: Stefano Colantuono


  Gigi Buffon
Defenders: Zdenek  Grygera (Salihamidzic 46), Nicola Legrottaglie, Giorgio Chiellini, Christian Molinaro; Midfielders: Mauro Camoranesi, Antonio Nocerino (Tiago 46), Mohamed Sissoko, Pavel Nedved (Vincenzo Iaquinta 23);
Forwards: David Trezeguet, Alessandro Del Piero

Coach:  Claudio Rainieri

Booked / Yellow Card:   8' Andrea Barzagli (P), 16' Mauro Camoranesi (J), 89' Mattia Cassani (P), 90' Hasan Salihamidzic (J), 90' Federico Balzaretti (P)

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  • 4/6/2008 7:40 PM Kenntak wrote:

    I just got done watching the amazing Palermo vs. Juventus game. This has my vote as one of the 10 best games of the year.

    The game was played at a very high tempo and was very physical. I got a headache watching Nedved and Guana clash heads! Tiago played with a bloody bandage on his head. Players were getting knocks left and right.

    I don't know how Palermo held up. Juventus just pummeled them in the second half. It was like Juventus had 3 more players, Palermo could not get the ball out of their half of the field. One of the few times they did, they ended up getting the shocking game winner. I never expected Cassani's shot to go in, it was like a strike of lightening!

    Palermo only had 4 shots on goal, but 3 went in. Sometimes quality and luck are more important than quantity.

    As a Palermo fan, I was very happy for the startling win. It was a bright spot in an otherwise forgettable season. Too bad Amauri will be leaving the team next year.
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  • 4/6/2008 7:43 PM Kenntak wrote:
    I forgot to say, fantastic job Fontana!
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  • 4/7/2008 9:42 AM Anna Italia wrote:

    Kenntak, I totally agree. What a match!!!

    I just couldn't believe it. A good match. Everytime the camera focused Colantuono and Ranieri, I could sense their nervousness too. Colantuono must have taken tylenols and drink chamomile tea to remain calm.

    Is not a joke to be sacked after losing 5 goals to nothing!!! This time it was his moment to REDEEM himself. He did it in great style.

    Just like Saint goalkeeper Gigi Buffon said, it's not easy to take three goals just like that. I think it was more a mistake from the defense, not Gigi. Legrottaglie has some fault, don't you think?

    Camoranesi? causing that foul leading to the third goal too!!!! You have not mentioned how you like or dislike Alessandro Del Piero.

    Del Piero was the living Juve soul in the match. He is playing great football lately, not only scoring, but creating assist, motivating the team...... yet, that Head Coach Donadoni doesn't call him for the NAZIONALE!!!!!! He calls Palladino who doesn't compared 10% to the effectiveness of Del Piero.... oh well... you see how I got carry away when defending "DEL PIERO" aha ha ha ha... I will sound like Juventino Tedsesco....

    You got that point right... Palermo with 4 shots on goals and 3 going in... helloooooo, was it Lady Luck with them or what! What puzzles me is to see Juventus with 67% ball possession and Palermo only 33%, yet, they won!!!! Just by checking the stats you would assume that Juve should have won.... but, hey, nothing makes sense in football.
    Don't you think?

    Ah... lastly, AMAURI is a real treasure!!!  a great match!!!!

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    1. 4/7/2008 5:55 PM Kenntak wrote:

      Del Piero was fantastic too.

      On his first goal the Palermo players were too busy claiming offsides and Del Piero stayed focused and just kicked it in.

      Del Piero causes defenses such problems it is almost a crime that he is not allowed to do that on the national team.

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      1. 4/7/2008 6:10 PM Anna Italia wrote:

         Hey, you said the right words "Del Piero stayed focused and just kicked."

        That's what I mean when playing concentrated without losing focus. The idea is to profit from the rival's mistakes and weaknesses.

        Del Piero is ROCKING!
        Inter defender Marco Materazzi recognized that Del Piero is in top shape and made him look bad when Juve played against Inter. Remember?

        FORZA DEL PIERO!!!!!!

        ah...."almost a crime," I will say IT IS A CRIME that Coach Donadoni put his personal issues first and not calling DEL PIERO when he is speaking louder with his football. Don't you think?
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  • 4/7/2008 1:32 PM Mark wrote:
    It was a good match. I predicted Juve to win but too bad they lose. The clash between Nedved and Guana was scary and also watching Tiago's blood flowing, a real battle guys.

    It was a sweet revenge for Colantuono and like you mentioned, he redeemed himself.
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  • 6/4/2008 5:00 PM tracey wrote:
    hi, i am in new jersey usa. my last name is colantuono. i would love an autographed pic of stefano for my boys.
    any way of getting that?
    thank you very much for any info.
    tracey colantuono

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    1. 6/4/2008 5:13 PM Anna Italia wrote:
      Tracey best way will be through Palermo official website, I will send you an email.
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      1. 10/12/2008 4:50 PM tracey wrote:
        hi, i did not get the email. it might have gone to spam. can you send it again. i do not go to this site, i just came here once to request info. i just googled my name and my email came up so i clicked to check it out.
        thank you in advance.
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    2. 8/28/2009 5:56 AM Marc Colantuono wrote:
      Hello I am Marc Colantuono from NY and my daughter Nicole(9) loves soccer. Did you ever have any luck with that autograph? Stefano is now with torino and I too was looking for an autograph when I saw your request.
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