Results Week 21 Italian Serie A: FIORENTINA 0 - 1 AC MILAN Goal by PATO and KALAC saved Milan in the last second denying Fiorentina a draw"

By Anna Italia
                                        BATTLE FOR THE FOURTH POSITION
                FIORENTINA  0  -  1 AC MILAN
                                                                                    77' Pato

78' Riccardo Montolivo out, Vieri in     66' Clarence Seedorf out, Pato in
                             Jorgensen out,  Gobbi in                72' Cristian Brocchi out, Emerson in

Here is a match you don't want to miss. Whether or not you are a fan of Fiorentina or Milan, this match is crucial for the Serie A standings. Milan the defending champions of the UEFA Champions League must win to start climbing position. Right now, Milan is in the 6th position with 30 points and a pending match, while Fiorentina already in the 4th position with 37 points.

The relevance of this match is that Milan is in urgent need to gain points to guarantee their position in the next Champions League season, but Fiorentina also want to be there. That's how important it is.

Before the match, a minute of silence for the death of the mother of President of Milan Silvio Berlusconi.

                                         Players wear a black armband for respect.


Referee  Massimiliano Saccani whistles the beginning of the match.

Right in the 2nd minute, Fiorentina shows Milan that they mean business and want to win this match. Striker Giampaolo Pazzini shoots on goal only to be saved by Milan goalkeeper Zeljko Kalac.

In the 3rd minute,
Zdravko Kuzmanovic sends a right footed shot over the bar!!!

In the 6th minute, Milan defender Massimo Oddo clears a ball by Morimoto deflecting it for a corner.

In the 7th minute, Milan has the chance to take the lead when striker Alberto Gilardino gets a cross by Musica and Magia KAKA. Following this move, Fiorentina almost makes an own goal when Pasqual tries to clear the ball going on the post. wow, what a luck.

In the 20th minute, Milan gets a corner kick. Midfielder Andrea Pirlo takes the corner sending a ball towards KAKA but the ball went behind the goal!

Two minutes later,in the 22nd minute,  Alberto Gilardino is flagged offside after getting a cross from the right by Massimo Oddo. Maldini sends a cross from the left and goes over the bar.


In the 23rd minute, Fiorentina gets a coarner kick when Mario Alberto Santana shot from outside the area deflected by Captain Paolo Maldini.  Manuel Pasqual takes the corner, sends a low cross cleared by Massimo Ambrosini.

In the 26th minute, Massimo Oddo gets a yellow card.

In the 35th minute, Milan goalkeeper Zeljko Kalac saves a ball from striker Adrian Mutu from the right. Corner kick for Fiorentina.

In the 36th minute, Manuel Pasqual takes the corner. Pasqual sends a cross in the middle and Milan reacts with a counterattack with Massimo Oddo.

In the 37th minute, a clear opportunity for Alberto Gilardino just wasted!  Cristian Brocchi sends a a cross to Gilardino but Gila shoots a weak ball to the right of Fiorentina goalkeeper Sebastien Frey.


Oh no, in the 39th minute, a terrible mistake by defender Massimo Oddo!!!!! Fiorentina Kala almost scores from this mistake! Immediately, striker Giampaolo Pazzini goes in front of Kalac to get the ball and score. Luckily the ball went wide!  Milan is saved by LADY LUCK!!!!  Terrible mistake by Oddo.

In the 42nd minute, Alberto Gilardino gets a yellow card. He is offside and protest loudly.

Referee  Massimiliano Saccani signals 1 minute stoppage time.  Gee, no goals yet!!!!! Come on Milan!

In the 45th minute, a great solo run by Musica and Magia boy KAKA in a counterattack after getting a cross by Clarence Seedorf. Wow, just at the very end, Kaka could not blast the net!  UFFFAAA!!!!


First half ends 0 - 0

You bet both coaches will draft significant changes with their strategies to break this goalless draw.  Will it be Prandelli  or Ancelotti to find the effective punch?

No changes for any of the team. This is surprising, I expected to see PATO  in the beginning of the second half. Oh well, let's see how it goes Hopefully, there will be no more mistakes by ODDO!  Gee, how I miss seeing the roaring lion Gennaro Gattuso! 

In the 47th minute, Fiorentina starts firmly and see striker Giampaolo Pazzini just offside! Then, guys, oh no.... Santana shoots to the net on the right and thanks God goalkeeper Zeljko Kalac saves !!!!! What a relief! I am going nuts, what a suffering match.

This is not possible!  In the 48th minute, Gamberini stops our Musica and Magia boy KAKA when almost entering in the penalty area!  Come on Kaka!  

Oh no, oh boy! In hte 49th minute, my beloved Alessandro Nesta gets a yellow card for holding back Fiorentina striker Adrian Mutu.

Referee  Massimiliano Saccani grants a free kick on the edge of the area to Fiorentina.  Adrian Mutu takes position and again, NESTA, on the right spot deflects the ball for a corner. Manuel Pasqual after getting a cross by Adrian Mutu from the left, sends the ball right of the goal.

In the 57th minute, Manuel Pasqual takes a corner kick but midfielder Massimo Ambrosini cleared the danger when the ball came from the corner flag.

Unbelievable, no goals yet! Thirty more minutes, anything can happen. Wonder who will score first. Actually, who will won!!!

In the 58th minute, NESTA cleared for a corner when Kuzmanovic was coming from the right!  Well done Nesta!!!

Again? Wait a minute... too many corner kicks!  In the 59th minute, Fiorentina gets another corner kick but Manuel Pasqual fails to shoot stronger.  Fact is that Fiorentina is playing aggressively. 

If I were Ancelotti, I would bring PATO or substitute a midfielder.  Milan needs to attack, provide balls to forwards.  A defensive strategy is not the way to go right now.

In the 60th minute, Fiorentina again! Tomas Ujfalusi shoots from distance sending a clear message to goalkeeper Kalac that he wants to score.  Luckily for Milan, the ball went over the bar!

Another shot from distance in the 63rd minute by Jorgensen!!!!


Finally, in the 66th minute, Milan Coach Carlo Ancelotti makes the first substitution!  Carletto just about time! 
Clarence Seedorf is out, PATO is in.

Now we are talking business! Let's see how well PATO does. Come on PATO!
In the 68th minute, PATO, the young Milan sensation, missed a chance to open the score close to the net!  Great beginning, only two minutes in the field and showing his determination.

In the 70th minute, living legend captain Paolo Maldini clears a ball when Riccardo Montolivo was coming on the right. Well done Captain!

Unbelievable, I am seeing more chances for Fiorentina to open the score than Milan.

In the 71st minute, Adrian Mutu gets a cross by Santana, the ball is deflected for a corner by Milan goalkeeper Zeljko Kalac who is having a great match!  Slowly but surely, Kalac is proving to be a reliable goalkeeper. This is great news for Milan who is waiting for DIDA to recover from injury.


In the72nd minute, Milan Coach Carlo Ancelotti makes his second substitution, Crisitan Brocchi is out, Emerson is in.

Good thing is that Brocchi leaves the stadium with some applause from Fiorentina fans as a way of saying "THANK YOU" for the things you did when playing for Fiorentina. This was a nice gesture. Great for Brocchi.


In the 77th minute, GOOOOAAALLLLL, finally, PATO! It's PATO GOAL! 
Great technique of the young wonder boy beating three Fiorentina defenders. Aweseome! This is great. Milan is grasping the 3 points... PATO did not disappointed me, neither Ancelotti.  You go boys!
Fiorentina 0 - 1 AC Milan

In the 78th minute, Fiorentina Coach Cesare Prandelli substitute Riccardo Montolivo and Ex Milan player Christian BOBO Vieri is in.

In the 89th minute, bad news for Milan when the young sensation PATO injures his ankle and leaven the field on a stretcher. Milan remain with 10 men. Oh no, this is not good, just non ci voleva proprio!  When Pato made a great contribution delivering the winning goal and suffering this pain.

Referee  Massimiliano Saccani signals 5 minute stoppage time.

In the 94th minute Emerson clears a dangerous ball sending for a corner. Wow, come on guys. It will be a disaster if Fiorentina equalizes the mach in the very last minute when the Rossoneri had defended the net with all their heart. Wow.... in the 95th minute, great ending with goalkeeper Kalac saving a dangerous ball on Mutu's header to deny Fiorentina a draw.  Savior of the match KALAC!!!!

Milan got the 3 points!  The battle for the fourth position continues and Milan gets closer.


Week 21 Italian Serie A Tim 2007 - 2008  Twenty first Round Matchday 21

FIORENTINA    Italian Serie A Week 21
Twenty First Round Serie A
 Goals scored
 Yellow card
 Red card
   Free Kicks
 Corner Kicks
 Offsides   7
 ball possession

Sunday, February 3, 2008
Fiorentina - AC Milan
Artemio Franchi Stadium

11:30 a.m. USA Pacific time

Referee:  Massimiliano Saccani (Mantua);
Pirondini, Maggiani;
Fourth Official:

Fiorentina (4-3-3):

Goalkeeper: Sebastien Frey;
Defenders: Ujfalusi, Gamberini, Kroldrup, Pasqual;
Midfielders: Kuzmanovic, Jorgensen, Ricardo Montolivo;
Forwards: Santana, Giampaolo Pazzini, Adrian Mutu

Milan (4-3-2-1):

Goakeeper: Zeljko Kalac;
Defenders:  Massimo Oddo,  Alessandro Nesta, Kakha Kaladze, Paolo Maldini;
Midfielders  Massimo Ambrosini, Andrea Pirlo, Cristian Brocchi; Seedorf, Kakà;
Forward: Alberto Gilardino

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  • 2/3/2008 2:34 PM Pietro wrote:
    We got this prediction right! Just party time again, we are making it. Great match by Kalac, he is improving his game and becoming a reliable goalkeeper for milan. What's your take?
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  • 2/3/2008 3:21 PM Anna Italia wrote:
    WE MADE IT! Milan won! Milan wonnnnn. Party time everyone! Where are you guys, time go cheer for our guys, what a match! Batticuore until the last second!!!

    You are right Pietro we got this prediction right! The most important prediction!
    Reply to this
  • 2/3/2008 5:57 PM Milan99 wrote:
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  • 2/3/2008 9:41 PM Anna Italia wrote:
    We got the prediction right, I have to check how we did with our predictions. I feel bad for PATO and hope he gets back soon. Don't you think KALAC is doing a great job as Dida's substitute?
    Reply to this
    1. 2/3/2008 10:18 PM Milan99 wrote:
      Yes Anna but I want DIDA BACK!!!
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      1. 2/3/2008 11:25 PM Anna Italia wrote:
        Sure, I agree. Dida is the main goalkeeper. What I said is that KALAC is proving reliable and it is good for Milan because we won't depend only on one goalkeeper. You see what's happening with JUVE? hello, If Buffon is not there, the second goalkeeper is not enough because not having much playing time.
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    2. 2/4/2008 2:17 AM Pietro wrote:
      Calm down girls, we know Dida is the main goalkeeper but it's always good to know that Milan can have a reliable goalkeeper and Kalac has convinced me already.
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      1. 2/4/2008 9:30 PM Milan99 wrote:
        Pietro you bet he convinced me too, but Dida? I miss him
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  • 2/4/2008 10:16 AM Juventino_Tedesco wrote:
    Congrats on the win! A draw would have been the best solution for Juve ... but a Milan win isn't bad either, since Fiorentina will be our main rival for a CL spot in the end!
    Reply to this
    1. 2/4/2008 12:04 PM Anna Italia wrote:
      Thanks for your congratulations Juventino Tedesco.

      Of course, we are both doing the MATH for our respective teams. Yet, listen C A R E F U L L Y . If Milan wins the pending match with Livorno on Feb. 13, we will be only 1 point away of FIORENTINA. Milan is coming up stronger while Fiorentina seems to be slowing down. So, MILAN is the one for the fourth spot. Actually, let me correct myself. I AM TARGETTING the 3rd post! How is that? You can keep the fourth.
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  • 2/4/2008 3:19 PM Juventino_Tedesco wrote:
    Now please listen CAREFULLY, dear Anna!

    Since I feel that Milan will be 3rd or 4th in the end, I believe that the Viola is our main rival for a CL spot ... so therefore I can live very well with a Fiorentina defeat, having a 4 points lead to them now (despite our disappointing draw against Cagliari)!


    Bonne nuit.
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    1. 2/4/2008 3:30 PM Anna Italia wrote:
      Certo, adesso ho capito bene. Quindi speriamo di vedere la Juve fra i primi 4. Quel pareggio con il Cagliari e' stato veramente un incubo! Un colpo!!!

      Bonna notte.
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